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Megan Fox to Play Mickey Rourke's Angel?

Megan Fox to Play Mickey Rourke's Angel?

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Probably the last thing that most people think about when they look at Megan Fox is religion or pure or holy (except when saying, "Holy sh*t is she hot!"). But, over at the Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business Blog, they report that Fox is now attached to star as an 'Angel' alongside Mickey Rourke in the indie crime story, Passion Plays. Mitch Glazer wrote and will also direct the story of a down-on-his-luck trumpet player who saves an 'Angel' who is under the thumb of a ruthless gangster. Rourke would be playing the trumpet dude (well, it was either that or the gangster) and Fox will play the 'Angel' who is described in the script as "a slender beauty with wings who is part of a carnival."

Most of us are used to the idea of Rourke in these kinds of 'gritty' films, but Fox on the other hand could probably use the chance to expand her resume beyond being the girl who made her name by leaning over a car. Granted, her first chance to be more than Michael Bay's window dressing came with her starring role in Diablo Cody's horror Jennifer's Body, but she hasn't strayed far from her roots and will be back working on the comic book flick Jonah Hex and the period action flick Ironclad (although her role in that particular film hasn't been confirmed) in the coming months.

Regardless of what I think of Fox's abilities, it might be nice to see her do some actual acting for a change. Because let's be honest with ourselves, standing around looking hot isn't exactly 'acting' for this chick. But I do applaud her for taking a page from the Nicolas Cage playbook, and beefing up her resume with a healthy mix of indie credibility and Hollywood blockbusters.

Passion Plays is expected to arrive in theaters later this year.

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