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Half of the glass is...

Half of the glass is...:

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ISO Updates C Standard

ISO Updates C Standard:

An anonymous reader writes "The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published the new specifications for the C programming language. The standard is known unofficially as C1X and was published officially as ISO/IEC 9899:2011. It provides greater compatibility with the C++ language and adds new features to C (as indicated in the draft)."

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Violent games don’t compel gamers to commit violent acts, researchers say

Violent games don’t compel gamers to commit violent acts, researchers say:

A recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology by three Florida State University psychologists suggests that playing video games won’t make people smarter. The study also argues that violent games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 don’t damage gamers’ brains or compel them to commit violent acts, the Associated Press said Friday. The research is on a par with studies performed by Texas A&M International University clinical psychologist Christopher Ferguson, who has found “nothing” after researching whether or not violent video games may compel gamers to commit acts of violence. Other scientists have spoken out against the Florida State report, however, and while they didn’t discuss the effects of violence, they did suggest that playing video games actually can increase a gamer’s cognitive function. Read on for more.

Scientists from Rochester’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Science and the University of Minnesota argued that playing games actually can result in “a wide range of behavioral benefits, including enhancements in low-level vision, visual attention, speed of processing and statistical inference.” Still, more research is required before any conclusions are made about whether video games make gamers more violent or whether or not games have the ability to increase our cognitive abilities.

“Play these games because they are fun and you enjoy doing them, and let’s kind of wait for more research to suggest whether or not they are actually good for us,” Walter Boot, a Florida State University psychologist involved with the study said. ”Don’t sit down and play a game. Go out there for a walk,” he added, noting that exercise is the best proven way to boost one’s brain power.


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demotivational posters - THERE IS ALSO


plastic surgery and photoshop

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Berkeley Explains Exactly Why It Chose Google Over Microsoft (GOOG, MSFT)

Berkeley Explains Exactly Why It Chose Google Over Microsoft (GOOG, MSFT):

Google logo over U.C. Berkeley
The University of California at Berkeley just decided to move off its old email system. It chose Gmail over Microsoft's Office 365.

Usually, the decision-making process that goes into such a choice is shrouded in secrecy. But Berkeley decided to be transparent, and published a matrix explaining the pros and cons of both solutions.

In basic terms, Cal decided it could get Google Apps up and running faster and for less money.

Particularly interesting: to move to Office 365, the university would have had to do a double migration -- first to an on-premise version of Exchange, then to the online version in Google Apps. This pokes a hole in Microsoft's claim that Office 365 is a true cloud-based competitor to Office 365. (This double migration wouldn't be required in all cases, but it's NEVER required with Google Apps.)

Here's where Google had the biggest advantages.

  • Cheaper support during the migration. Because other universities in the UC system have already migrated to Google Apps, Cal can rely on them to provide some support. With Microsoft, it would have to turn to Microsoft Consulting Services "at a significant cost to the project."

  • Faster to set up. Deploying Gmail will take six to ten weeks, and the university will be able to keep some recent changes it made to its email routing system. With Office 365, the university has to move from its current system to an on-premises version of Exchange first. Then, it can move from Exchange to Office 365. It will also have to throw out most of the routing infrastructure it just installed.

  • Works with existing software. Gmail integrates with other Google products that some university departments use, and with the document storage and management system from Box, which the university already bought. Office 365 can work with SharePoint and Lync (which it mistakenly calls Lynx), but it was not interested in those solutions and didn't even consider them.

  • Easier to develop on. More people on campus know how to work with Google's APIs than with Microsoft's Exchange.

  • Migration of email groups. Google has a product that could be used to migrate Cal's existing Mailman mailing lists to Gmail. Microsoft recommended against even trying to migrate Mailman to Exchange.

The solutions were pretty close in other areas, like delegated administration (neither was great, but Google was slightly better), user familiarity (it depends on what product people are using today), and mobile support.

Microsoft won for authentication and the ability to integrate with on-premise systems.

No two customers will have the same needs, but this is a good exercise to show how these decisions are made -- and why Gmail increasingly has an advantage among highly cost-conscious organizations like educational institutions and governments.

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This will always cheer me up.

This will always cheer me up.:

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How to: view core Android Java sources in Eclipse

How to: view core Android Java sources in Eclipse:

I don't know why this is not really showing in Google Search results, but if you want to step through the core Android Java code in your Eclipse project, finally there's a legitimate and very convenient solution that is a part of ADT-Addons project. The steps are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case,  here's what you need to do:

  1. In your Eclipse click Help->Install New Software

  2. Click the "Add" button and put this URL into the resulting pop-up (name it whatever you want)

  3. Click "OK" and mark the "Android Sources" checkbox

  4. Click "Next" and any "OK", "Agree", "Next," or "Finish" buttons afterwards

  5. Restart Eclipse after the installation, and now you can step right into Android code from your debugger and see the source code for Android Java files right in the Eclipse editor.

Hopefully this helps some developers, or even some beginners with Android Java projects.

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The First Episode of The Simpsons Aired 22 Years Ago Today

The First Episode of The Simpsons Aired 22 Years Ago Today:

The First Episode of The Simpsons Aired 22 Years Ago Today

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