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20+ Pieces of Superhero Mashup Art

20+ Pieces of Superhero Mashup Art:

Sure superhero fan art can be fun on its own, but you know what’s better? Non-superheroes suddenly transformed into amazing men and women of comic book lore. Sure they might not be as good at saving the world, but from an aesthetic perspective, they’re way more fun.


Perhaps one of the most epic superhero mashup artworks around is this great Futurama X-Men Meld by DeviantArt user Gottabecarl. Can you identify all of the characters in this massive artwork? Be warned, you might have to head to his DeviantArt page just to be able to see them all in their full scale.


If there was anyone Muppet that best matches Wolverine, DeviantArt user Rahzzah totally nailed it as Animal. That being said, I don’t know how well Beaker would serve as any superhero. He’s not exactly the bravest Muppet around. Personally, I think casting Miss Piggy as Phoenix seems like a much more natural choice.

Community Characters

When the jury was still out on whether or not Community would be renewed for another season, artist Aviv Or expressed his feelings on the matter by showing just how much he thought of the show’s characters. Personally, I adore the idea of Abed playing the role of Professor X.

The Smurfs and Archie

Ever wonder where Mystique got all those tiny skulls on her belt? Caanan Grall has the answer with this single frame that explains so much about her back story. While it might not be as informative, his take on Clark Kent taking over for Archie is certainly just as entertaining.

Ren & Stimpy

Have you ever wondered what Batman and Robin would be like if they were mixed with a grouchy Chihuahua and a obese house cat? DeviantArt user Stejam13 has your answer with this wonderful combination of the classic comic and the legendary Nicktoon, Ren & Stimpy.

Meowvel Vs Catcom

Marvel Vs. Capcom might be a great game, but there was definitely something missing. Fortunately, DeviantArt user Suzuran figured out what the missing element was –cats. Finally the game concept has been fully fleshed out.

Marvel Cats

Speaking of Marvel and cats, as it turns out, there are plenty of artists with the same idea of combining these two wonderful things. Ryan King imagined what would happen if kitty Electra got a hold of a scratching post.

Rose of Izzy’s Squiggles knows just what Spidercat would do with his amazing web-shooting abilities.

And Katie Cook knows why Spidercat (along with most super felines) would be terrible at rescuing people. All of these artists have other Marvel kitty mashups at their sites, so if you like their styles, don’t forget to click the links.

Ghost Rider Kitty

Matthew Warlick might not have multiple kitty hero mashups, but his feline Ghost Rider certainly stands on its own with its flaming skull and sweet leather jacket.

Charlie Brown

Who knew that the Peanuts gang could blend so seamlessly with the stars of Hellboy? Artist Francesco Francavilla certainly did, and that’s why his Hellbrown mashup seems so darn perfect.


I know I’m not the only one that could never accept Prince as a tough guy in Purple Rain. Of course, if you just switched him out with Batgirl like artist Cliff Chiang did, now you have a believable story line.


When Disney took over Marvel, artist Alfredo Lopez Jr. immediately realized that this would become the natural progression of the comics. On the upside, Mickey has probably never looked so cool before.

Angry Birds

What happens when Angry Birds team up to take on the forces of darkness? Ryan of Dirty Splash Back can show you with his massive collection of images of the birds decked out in hero costumes. His blog has tons more superbirds, but I think it’s seriously lacking pigs in villain outfits.


You’d think that wearing a pink Galactus costume would at least be slightly less embarrassing than a giant pink bunny suit, but it seems poor Ralphie is just as miserable either way. Of course, maybe artist Andy J. Hunter has gotten to the real root of the problem in this picture –Ralphie doesn’t hate the costumes, he just hates pink.


If stormtroopers are evil and Venom is evil, then the two together must be evil squared, which means spidertrooper has a heck of a fight on his hands if he’s ever going to get out of this one. If you like this image, then don’t miss DeviantArt user JonBolerjack’s gallery where he has even more stormtrooper comic book mashups for your viewing pleasure.

Scott Pilgrim

Yes, Scott Pilgrim already was a comic book, but for all those who complain it is too “girly,” DeviantArt user Whoisrico has just the solution to make it a little more manly –mix it up with the X-Men.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

How do you make the Ninja Turtles even more awesome? Turn them into Marvel Characters, of course. And while the turtles themselves are cool, artist Dean Fraser’s take on Shredder turned into Magneto might just be the coolest mashup he’s done yet. Need another weird level to his work? How about the fact that all of these mashed up characters are done for his Springfield Punx blog, which means they’re done in the style of The Simpsons…as if The Simpsons wanted to include the Ninja Turtles, but wanted them to be Marvel characters as well. Is your mind blown yet?

Amy Pond

Delivering Kiss-O-Grams is a hard job, particularly when it involves traveling across the universe through time and space. Who knows though, maybe the job is a bit easier in the D.C. Universe as captured by artist Michael Magtanong.


Something tells me that apathetic Daria wouldn’t exactly make the best superhero. In fact, I wouldn’t want to put my life in the hands of any of these X-Men, no mater how well-drawn they are by artist SRA.


I’ll admit, there are way too many of these to fill one Neatorama article, so if you have some favorite superhero mashup art that wasn’t included here, please share a link to it. The more the better! Of course, you might have an idea for a mashup that hasn’t been done yet. If so, please share it in the comments, you never know, maybe someone else will see it and make your vision a reality.

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3 Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Gmail Account

3 Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Gmail Account:

gmail storage spaceGoogle Mail currently offers 7,679 MB of free storage. For the average user, that is enough space to last a lifetime. But what if you run out of storage space nevertheless? How can you find and delete obsolete emails in bulk or track down large attachments to regain precious MBs? This article highlights three ways to quickly make room for more mail.

The Basics

Before we begin, let me go through some basics. I recommend to set your maximum page size to show 100 conversations per page, which will make scanning emails easier. To do this, click the wheel icon at the top right of GMail and select Mail Settings from the drop-down menu. In the General tab, select 100 from the drop-down list in Show x conversations per page. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.

gmail storage space

When a folder or search result contains more than 100 emails, Gmail lets you select all of them, even though you cannot see more than 100. First, click the Select checkbutton at the top left to select all emails shown on the current page. Then note the little bit of text directly above these 100 emails. It will say something like “All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all xxx conversations (…)” Click the second part of that text and all respective emails will be selected, no matter how many there are. You can now either delete all of them,mark them as read or unread, label them etc.

free up gmail space

1. Empty Trash & Delete Spam

Messages that have been labelled as spam or trash for more than 30 days are deleted automatically. However, when you are in urgent need for space, be sure to delete these emails first. Both labels provide a little link above the list of emails that allows you to delete all messages immediately.

free up gmail space

Be mindful that sometimes legitimate emails are marked as Spam. Thus, I always scan emails before deleting them forever. In this situation, the first tip from the basics section above may be helpful, i.e. showing up to 100 messages per page.

2. Find Messages With Attachments

The next best way to free up space, is to locate emails with large attachments. To do this, simply type the operator has:attachment in the search field. Clicking the little arrow in the search field will open up additional filter options.

free up gmail space

You can fine tune the results by searching only for specific file types. Either add the respective file type to the above operator, e.g. has:attachment jpg or use another operator, which works just as well: filename: .jpg

gmail search has:attachment and specific file type

gmail search file type

While you can search for all emails with attachments, there is no way to sort emails by size in Gmail. If you don’t fancy an IMAP workaround, where you use a desktop client to sort emails by size, I recommend using the online tool Find Big Mail.

Find Big Mail scans your Gmail account and labels emails based on four categories: top (biggest emails), emails over 1MB, emails over 5MB, and emails over 10MB. You can scan the respective labels in your GMail account, download attachments, i.e. back them up locally, and delete the respective emails. Finally, be sure to empty the trash (point 1), to delete emails forever. Unfortunately, removing just the attachment from an email is not possible.

An exemplary result of a Find Big Mail scan is shown below. The labels will be shown in the sidebar of the Google Mail webmail client.

manage gmail space

A more thorough write-up of this point can be found here: How To Quickly Find Messages With Attachments In Gmail

3. Find & Delete Emails in Bulk

Gmail is my online email archive and personally, I don’t want to delete most of the emails with attachments. However, there are lots of emails without attachments that I really don’t want to keep forever, such as newsletters, notifications, adverts, and other stuff that ended up in my archive at some point. So how about getting rid of these space wasters first?

For this task, the first step to create a filter from a specific email and/or using the advanced search comes in handy. Find an example of an email that you want to remove from your archive, then click the little arrow on the right-hand side next to the email header, and select Filter messages like this.

manage gmail space

The advanced search with a suggested filter or in this case search term will pop up. Make sure this only covers emails you really want to delete and adjust if necessary. When you are satisfied with the result, use the tip for selecting all conversations matching the search criteria (see basics above) to manually delete all of these messages.

With the above example I deleted over 1,800 emails and freed up 1% of additional space.

gmail storage space

Note that if you actually create a filter with the search, you can delete all past emails, but you also will delete all future emails matching the keywords, until the respective filter is deleted. Generally, it is a better idea to opt out of email subscriptions, rather than creating a filter to automatically send them to the trash. In most countries, respective unsubscribe options are required by law and are typically found in the small print at the very bottom of the email. Filtering to the trash should be a last resort in case unsubscribing is not possible.

For more tips and tricks to backup attachments, emails, and use your Gmail storage space, have a look at these articles to help you clean out your GMail webmail account:

You will also find it useful to take a look at Craig’s article on useful Gmail filters which gives you some examples of what to look for in your archive.

Did you ever exhaust the Gmail storage space and how did you deal with it? What advice and tools would you recommend for freeing up more space?

Why The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is An Amazing Index

Why The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is An Amazing Index:

With the Dow crossing 13,000 for like the third time, the usual parade of haters is coming out.

The haters can be divided into two camps:

  • 13,000 is an arbitrary level that only gets noticed because dumb humans like easy round numbers.

  • The Dow is a a dumb index, because it's just 30 big companies, and its price-weighted, not market-cap weighted.

The first objection to we'll ignore for now.

As for the second, there's something to this...

So, for example, Bank of America, whose stock trades at 8.13, impacts the index much less than IBM, whose stock trades at 193.81.

All that's true, but here's the thing: It doesn't really matter.

Here's a chart going back to 1980 of the Dow (red line) and the S&P 500 (blue line).

dow vs. S&P 500

Despite the very different makeup of the indices, and the different methodology, they basically get you to the same place. Now granted, there was a decent divergence in 2000, with the S&P far outpacing the Dow, but in the end, it didn't matter.

So rather than slamming the Dow, how about marvel at the fact that with just 30 human selected stocks, using what seems like a blunt measurement technique, the index does an excellent job tracking the market.

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