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Analysis determines why Angry Birds is so popular

Analysis determines why Angry Birds is so popular:

Here, finally, must certainly be the last word on Angry Birds. Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional Charles L. Mauro has done an exhaustive report called "A Cognitive Teardown of Angry Birds," in which he breaks down, piece by ever-lovin' piece, the throw-birds-at-pigs game and just what it does to users and their experiences.

The whole thing is quite interesting if you're into user experience design, but the gist is that Angry Birds fits extremely well within our brains' "mental model" of what the game should be. Not only is that bird-tossing physics engine easily calculated into our cranium, but the game's bite-sized levels (which you can scroll across to re-check at any time) also play into our short-term memory programming as well.

And finally, Angry Birds nails down the visual experience by being both simple enough for almost anyone to understand, but just complicated enough to remember in an iconic way (so much so that the characters in the game have been turned into cakes, costumes, and even, um, bras. What Angry Birds did is no secret (and lots of other games have aped its look and aesthetics since -- that "star rating on tons of levels" feature is now an iOS staple), but Mauro has done an excellent job really breaking down point by point why this game is so astoundingly successful on a cognitive level.

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5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography

5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography:

We get a lot of questions here at dPS headquarters about lighting subjects. Just today someone emailed asking the difference between Rembrant Lighting and Split Lighting.

In the following video Jay P. Margan demonstrates 5 different types of lighting:

  • Rembrant Light

  • Split Light

  • Broad Light

  • Butterfly Light

  • Loop Light

While Jay’s using some great studio gear in this video many of the principles will apply with different sources of light. Of course these are not the only ways to position lights – as mentioned in the video the way you light a subject will vary from person to person and these positions are more presented as ‘departure points’ from which you’ll create your own techniques.

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography

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