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What Can Social Media Tell Us About American Society? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Can Social Media Tell Us About American Society? [INFOGRAPHIC]: "

America is obsessed with its social media tools — more than half of all Americans have a social networking profile. But what does social media tell us about American society? Is our use of social tools a reflection of our interests and behaviors?

Social media strategy firm Hasai decided to find out. The result is an infographic that draws several conclusions about the nature of the average American: Apparently we Americans have a lot to say (48% of all bloggers are U.S.-based), love talking about television (77% have used social media to share their love of a show) and love video games (10% of all US-based web activity involves video games).

Oh, and apparently North Dakota and New Jersey are among the most social states in the union. Go figure.

Check out the infographic and let us know in the comments what you think social media says about American society.

Infographic courtesy Hasai

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The Incredible Digital Paintings of Serge Birault

The Incredible Digital Paintings of Serge Birault: "

Today, we are featuring the work of Serge Birault. Birault is a French digital painter with a stunning portfolio. Most of Birault’s work features the same theme; sexy, naughty, wicked, and often armed women. Please take a moment to review some of Birault’s amazing work and enjoy!


This piece was a gift for Maria Gibson and features a model riding a reflective pig while holding a whip with an apple attached to it.

Alien Tako Sashimi

Maria Gibson makes another appearance in Birault’s work but this time she’s dressed as a "Space Chick," sitting on a shiny squid.

Military Bambi

This piece features Bambi, a characher that Birault did for 2D Artist Magazine. In this piece Bambi is sitting on a tank, dressed as a sexy tank commander.

Poker Pin Up 1

This piece was done for a poker website. Lots of details were added to the money.


This image was created from a refrence photo of Irina Sheik. You can see a tutorial of the steps here.

Steampunk Wonder Woman

This image is a Steampunk version of Birault’s favorite super hero.

Subabysse II

This painting was done for a cover for Subabysse II, an RPG game.

Vamp Nadine

This image is a caricature of Vamp Nadine, a model from the Netherlands.

Amanda Seyfried Caricature

This image was Birault’s contribution to the Caricaturama Showdown 3000.

Comic Book Character Design

This piece was a concept for a comic book character that Birault worked on.


This piece was an RPG character concept inspired by Norman Rockwell’s style and tones.

Gong Li and Tentacle

This is a caricature of the beautiful Gong Li.

ImagineFX Cover

This image was the cover of the zombie issue of Imagine FX Magazine.


This piece was done for a pin up exhibition in Paris and Montreal.

Old Style

This piece was inspired by the work of Rembrandt.

Pamela Bouguereau

This piece was inspired by the work of Eric Tranchefeux on Rembrandt.


Poker Pin Up 2

This piece was done for a poker website.

Rosie Lugosi

This caricature portrait was commissioned by Rosie Lugosi.

Psychobilly Girl From Hell

Saori and Tentacle

This piece was a gift to Andrew Hickinbottom. You can see how the piece came together here.

Space Bambi

Here is another rendering of Bambi riding a space rocket.

Warlock Kitsch Fan Art

This piece is fan art of the 80′s german metal band Warlock and their singer, Doro Pesch.

The Girl, the Chainsaw…

A girl and a chainsaw.


This piece was inspired by the work of Thomas Lawrence’s paintings in the National Portrait gallery.

Opus Magazine Cover

This was done for a cover of the Swedish Magazine, Opus.



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