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The History of Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History of Email [INFOGRAPHIC]: "

Email, you’ve come a long way, baby.

In its 40-year tenure as a form of communication, email has run its course from the domain of über nerdy computer scientists to one of the most common ways to keep in touch, both personally and professionally.

Although email as a mode of communication was around for ten years before the term “email” was actually coined, we now count on it in our daily lives. In fact, the use of email has become so pervasive that the Oxford English Dictionary recently added a slew of email acronyms to its official canon.

And finally, just this year, the AP Stylebook, a.k.a. the holy book of all (or most) journalists, amended the spelling of e-mail to email, allowing articles such as this one to save bigtime on hyphens.

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To give you a timeline of email’s progress through the decades, here’s a commemorative 40th anniversary infographic from email delivery company Reachmail.

Click image to see larger version.

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Road signs: out of frame

Road signs: out of frame: "

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Top 50 Apps For New Android Users

Top 50 Apps For New Android Users: "

For all of you new Android users we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 apps for new Android users.

Google Sky Maps Books & Reference

Kindle Books & Reference

NOOK for Android by B&N Books & Reference

US Army Survival Guide Books & Reference

Wiki Encyclopedia Books & Reference

Documents To Go Business

Google Voice Communication

IM+ Communication

Opera Mobile Web Browser Communication

Skype Communication

Wiki Mobile Education

Fandango Movies Entertainment

NetFlix Entertainment

redbox Entertainment

Bloomberg Finance

Angry Birds Games: Arcade & Action

Doodle Jump Games: Arcade & Action

Robo Defense Games: Arcade & Action

Jewellust Games: Brain & Puzzle

X Construction Games: Brain & Puzzle

Abduction! Games: Casual

Endomondo Sports Tracker Health & Fitness

iTriage Mobile Health Health & Fitness

JEFIT – Workout,Fitness,Gym Log Health & Fitness

First Aid Medical

Pandora® internet radio Music & Audio

QuickPic Photography

Adobe Reader Productivity

Advanced Task Killer Productivity

CamScanner – Phone to Scanner Productivity

ColorNote Notepad Notes Productivity

DropBox Productivity

Google Docs Productivity

Google Goggles Productivity

LogMeIn Ignition Productivity

Barcode Scanner Shopping

Facebook for Android Shopping

Key Ring Reward Cards Shopping

shopkick Shopping

The Coupons App Shopping

Tango Voice & Video Calls Social

TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) Social

ScoreMobile for Android Sports

Flash Player Tools

Google Translate Tools

Lookout Mobile Security Tools

Car Locator Transportation

Waze: Community GPS navigation Transportation

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Travel & Local

WeatherBug Weather

To discover more new, quality Android Apps check back for our reviews and check out AndroidAppSource.com.


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14+ YouTube Playlists To Watch & Learn Computer Programming Quickly

14+ YouTube Playlists To Watch & Learn Computer Programming Quickly: "

learn computer programmingFor a lot of students, summer vacation has arrived and it’s an ideal time to stretch out and relax, or alternatively, catch up in your favorite hobbies and perfect your skills. With the advent and growth of YouTube and plenty of other high-quality video-sharing websites and tools like flashcard software, learning new things visually by yourself has never been easier. Even though YouTube is used regularly to share comedic clips, it’s without a doubt, a rich pool of educational videos . You’ve seen many articles on our site listing some amazing YouTube channels to become more educated in a variety of general topics, to learn cool dance moves, even some channels for non-native speakers to learn and perfect their English, and dedicated channels for Linux enthusiasts that learn about Linux news and issues.

Since it never hurts to learn something new, especially a skill set like computer programming in different languages, we will go over some of the best channels that will introduce you to the world of programming. Let’s look at which channels made the cut.


thenewboston is a truly great channel with an immense collection of programming tutorials. The official website contains a list of all the tutorials made so far, which are well into the thousands (about 1500 videos as of this writing). Not only does it have tutorials for various programming languages, but it also has videos on building computers, tutorials for software like Dreamweaver and After Effects, as well as 3D-modeling software. The website now also has plans to present tutorials for a variety of other topics, like Math and Biology. Since all these tutorials are free, thenewboston is probably the greatest source of video tutorials for people interested in beginning programming languages. Bucky, the instructor behind most of the videos, explains concepts like a peer, so his tutorials are definitely very easy to follow and catch up to.

To jump into thenewboston’s tutorials for different computer programming languages, check out:

So you can get a taste of thenewboston’s teaching style, here’s a video from this Java series where Bucky explains polymorphism:

thenewboston also has a number of tutorials for different Adobe Products:

There’s a an impressive number of additional topics that thenewboston has covered already. You can check out all his videos sorted by series at the official website’s Tutorials page here.

Xoaxdotnet (For C++ Tutorials)

Xoaxdotnet has a variety of tutorials (almost 200 videos) on literature, Algebra, and even neural networks and more general Computer Science concepts (such as sorting and searching algorithms, as well as big O notation), but for the most part, this channel has focused on and produced lots of C++ tutorials:

Here’s the first video of this series:

Those are probably the most distinctive ones, but be sure to check out the complete list of videos he has produced, sorted by topic here.

phpacademy (For PHP Tutorials)

Like the channel name suggests, phpacademy focuses on teaching PHP, and some MySQL. With over 200 videos, phpacademy is one of the most subscribed guru channels of the United Kingdom so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re interested in creating more dynamic websites.

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Map of undersea cables from 1901

Map of undersea cables from 1901: "

I don't have any context for this 1901 map of undersea cables for the Eastern Telegraph Company System, but it sure is a tantalizing look at telcoms history and the way that the world used to talk to itself.

sc-tech: A Map of Undersea Cables from ...1901 !

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"If a programming language was a boat… ..."

"If a programming language was a boat…

: "


If a programming language was a boat…

By Tony ⋅ April 4, 2008 ⋅ Post a comment

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This one is inspired by a recent forum post, that still leaves me in amazement.

Hi, Im wondering how i can create a boat in turing and if someone can post a example.

This makes no sense, since one doesn’t normally make water vehicles in Turing, the programming language. Though this got me thinking — if a programming language was a boat, what would it be?


Turing would definitely be a kayak (thank you for comments). It’s small. It’s human powered. It’s often used as a beginner “boat”. And it’s also very Canadian.

Turing programming language as a canoe

Original photo by naokomc


Java is a cargo ship. It’s very bulky. It’s very enterprise~y. Though it can also carry a lot of weight. Will carry a project, but not very fun to drive.

Java programming language as a cargo ship

Original photo by cfarivar


Perl is a tugboat. Powerful enough to tug Java around, in 80 characters or less.

Perl programming language as a tugboat

Original photo by xeeliz


Ruby is difficult to describe. It’s sleek, sexy, and very fun to drive. Here’s a picture. Very trendy.

Ruby programming language as a speed boat

Original photo by Tony Falcon


PHP is a bamboo raft. A series of hacks held together by string. Still keeps afloat though.

PHP programming language as a raft

Original photo by permanently scatterbrained


C is a nuclear submarine. The instructions are probably in a foreign language, but all of the hardware itself is optimized for performance.

C programming language as a nuclear submarine

Original photo by Ryan C. McGinley


HTML isn’t really a programming language boat.

HTML is not a boat

Original photo by ascendeddaniel

There’s a lot more to this, and it’s all up for discussion. How would your favourite programming language fare in open waters?


If a programming language was a boat… | CompSci.ca/blog

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