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How to Shrink Videos to Fit Your Android Phone with VLC

How to Shrink Videos to Fit Your Android Phone with VLC: "


If you want to put a video on your Android phone, you’ll probably need to shrink it down to fit the size of the screen and make it take up less space. There’s lots of conversion software out there, but did you know you can do it with VLC?

There’s a lot more you can do with VLC, for instance, you can also copy a DVD with VLC, take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes, or you can use it to convert video from one type to another. Before you convert any videos, you need to know the encoding specification of your phone. For example, this is the video encoding specification of Droid X.


Add as many videos as you want, and when you are ready, click the “convert/save” button to adjust their size, or video file type.

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