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Upload MP3 To YouTube with Mp32Tube

Upload MP3 To YouTube with Mp32Tube: "

If you have tried uploading your MP3 files to YouTube, then you might know that YouTube does not support this feature. If you want to upload any MP3 file, then it needs to be converted to video format before uploading. Mp32Tube is a free service which allows you to upload MP3 files to YouTube through its interface. You don’t have to convert to any video format, only upload the MP3 file through Mp32Tube.


With Mp32Tube, you can select any MP3 file and then use an image as background. The background can be uploaded from your PC and it needs to be in .JPG format. You can upload the MP3 either to Mp32Tube’s account or to your account. If you want to upload to your account, you need to authenticate with your YouTube account.

Mp32Tube settings

Mp32Tube is a free service for uploading MP3 files with a background to YouTube. Mp32Tube plans to have a premium paid account with more features.

Mp32Tube Home Page


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