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Google Drive Coming to Ice-Cream Sandwich?

Google Drive Coming to Ice-Cream Sandwich?:

Remember how we said that new HTC Sense 3.5 phones are getting an extra 3GB of free storage on Dropbox (5GB totally) so you can sync your files between computers and devices? Well you can forget all about that now, because it seems Google is finally releasing their long-rumored “Google Drive”.

Google Drive was started back in 2007, but Google decided against making it a public product (and eventually killing it). Over the years, though, Google Docs became more and more like a place where people could hold other types of files besides documents, and Google has also been enabling more functionality for that.

So what Google Drive will be is mostly an overhauled, redesigned, and rebranded Google Docs, that should allow you to sync files from anywhere, and it might even come built-in with Ice Cream Sandwich. It might also be built within Chrome as well (think of even more syncing possibilities in Chrome besides bookmarks and passwords).

No news on how much free storage you’ll get, but I assume it’s a lot more than the 1 GB or so they are giving now with Docs, and they’re most likely going to significantly increase the file size as well (which I believe is only 25MB now in Docs). We can probably expect anywhere from 10 GB to 50 GB, and you’ll have the possibility to buy some more.

I think it would be great if Google allowed you to automatically sync/back-up some stuff from Android as well, like pictures, videos, browser bookmarks, SMS messages, and of course apps. It would be nice that once you change your phone, you could clone your old phone’s data and put it in the new one.

It could work the same way Chrome syncing works, when you don’t even notice any difference if you log-in with your Google account into another instance of Chrome on another computer. Google should definitely have something like that for Android as well. Don’t you agree?

Source: Techcrunch


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