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How To Use Facebook's Crazy New Timeline Profile

How To Use Facebook's Crazy New Timeline Profile:

britney spears timeline
Facebook's new Timeline profile finally launched today.

It allows you to create a "digital scrapbook" of your entire life.

From the get-go, everything you've ever posted on Facebook will be a lot more visible.

You can feature important events in your life (like Britney has here), and you can also hide moments you don't want to share.

Timeline officially launches in a week—you have seven days to curate your Timeline, or else the whole thing is going live. You can get started today.

Here's what you need to know.

First, head to www.facebook.com/about/timeline to activate your Timeline.

Once you activate your Timeline, you'll be able to see how your Timeline will appear to others. Click "Publish Now," or take the next seven days to edit your Timeline and make sure it's just how yo want it.

Here's the brand new Timeline view. You can add a new "Cover" banner image to flaunt a photo you love.

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