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10 Great Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses of Google

10 Great Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses of Google
from Mashable! 

Our fascination with Google — and what it’s like to work there — continues as we take you inside for a look behind the scenes.
We’ve all heard stories about the free food, dog-friendly offices, and wacky decor. And guess what — it’s all true. We’ve carefully curated 10 videos that reveal a glimpse of life at Google, from locations as varied as Australia, Russia and even Wisconsin.
So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be a Googler, these cool clips should give you a little bit of insight…

1. Life at the Googleplex

PopoutThis official Google vid offers a tour of Google HQ (a.k.a. the "Googleplex") in 200 seconds. Most interesting snippet of info? There are more than 200 dogs on campus on any given day. Woof!

2. Google - Best Place to Work 2007

PopoutOffering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Google from an NBC news report's perspective, this clip was shot just after Google had been named America's best place to work by Fortune back in 2007.

3. Google's New Zurich office

PopoutGoogle's Zurich office is up there as one of the top premises in terms of wackiness. Here, Web User Magazinehas a little nose around -- be sure to keep watching to the end for a quick look at the old fashioned library room.

4. Inside Google's New York Office

PopoutThe New York offices look just as sweet as Google's Silicon Valley headquarters. The building in the Big Apple has the second largest footprint of any NYC structure -- so big that the Googlers get round on scooters, leaving them in special scooter "parking bays." Watch out for the LEGO wall and really cool floor map.

5. Inside Google Australia

PopoutThere aren't a lot of revelations in this Aussie clip (the usual colorful offices, look at all the food and oooh, there's a ping pong table) but it goes some way to show that Google manages to keep its wacky office set up even 7,000 miles around the globe.

6. Google Office - Madison, WI

PopoutWhile it's hardly Google's most famous office, the Madison, Wisconsin location adds a good dose of the usual Google zaniness and manages to incorporate some of the building's history into its decor -- truly a unique workspace for all those lucky Googlers.

7. Google Chicago Headquarters Tour

PopoutWGN News gets a tour of Google's premises in the windy city where we find out just how those "Recent Searches" displays in Google's lobbies remain so smut-free.

8. Google's Chicago Games Room

PopoutAnd -- as we didn't see this in the previous tour -- here's a look at the cool game room within the Chicago complex. It's like your dream lounge, but with more geeks.

9. Google in St. Petersburg

PopoutAn insider look at a Google office in Russia transcends any language barriers, although what's with all the soft toys?

10. Google Container Data Center Tour

PopoutGoogle isn't just about the colorful offices and crazy fun. It's also about the million or so servers that keep us Googling. Here Google opens the door to a data center in a somewhat dry video that will no doubt be fascinating to anyone in the industry!

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