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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (23-29 Jan ‘11)

This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (23-29 Jan ‘11): "

Weekly Assignment

spot of color 2We finished up our Spot of Colour assignment this week. Using a spot of colour can have a big impact on where your eye travels in a photograph, especially though the use of bright or light colours. Our winners this week all successfully, and creatively, used a spot of colour in their photographs. Our winner this week was phillj blue bucket on the beach. This shot had a clear spot of colour, the composition was good with the way that the line of the water almost leads your eye right to the bucket, and overall it seemed to tell a story. Nicely done! Our first runner up was ttyler’s “Don’t Push It”, the shot of the typewriter keys. That red really stands out nicely, and it creates a nice, simple, almost graphical shot. And last but not least was Shutterbugdeb’s bright red lipstick. This shot was very nicely done, and very vivid. The red really stands out, and it’s clear that it’s not selectively coloured from the small amounts of colour elsewhere. It makes it very clear what colour is meant to stand out here. Well done everyone!

don't push itTouch of color Our newest assignment is Still Life: Food. For some of us, it’s a very dreary part of the year. It’s cold, the weather is less than ideal, and that can make it much more difficult to want to pick up the camera. But food still life shots are a great way to be creative without having to deal with the less than ideal weather. Food shots are a staple of still life photography. They can resemble the paintings of years past, or they might be the kind you would see in a cookbook, but either way, we want you to set up a food photo for this week’s assignment. As always, a quick reminder of the rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 19 January – 2 February 2011. Second, your post must include the words: “Still Life: Food” in order to show that that you have given your permission to be included in the contest, and the date that the photo was taken in order to show that it is eligible. Finally, your EXIF should be intact, and it’s useful if you can include some of the main points, such as camera, lens, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. in the text of your post. Please limit yourself to one entry per person during the first week of the contest. Next week we will be looking at still life photos once again. But this time, our subject will be Still Life: Flowers. Flowers might seem like an overdone topic in photography, but we still photograph them. And as much as we love to photograph them, sometimes it is hard to get a good shot. Remember, this isn’t about taking a shot of your garden, this is a still life. So consider the design and placement of your subject, composition, and lighting. Good luck everyone!

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