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7 Of Google Android’s Little Annoyances & How To Fix Them

7 Of Google Android’s Little Annoyances & How To Fix Them: "

android annoyancesHave you noticed there’s a few things lacking in the native Android OS which really should be there? Or are you plagued by those little Android annoyances that just shouldn’t be this much of a pain to fix? You’re not alone!

Luckily there’s not too many of these little annoyances and most of them have a free application to help us out with a quick fix. Here’s a selection of things that bug many people about Andoid, but which have a simple, easy fix you can use today.

1. Need Phone Silence At Night

There are a great many apps to make your phone silent at night. Some allow certain people’s calls to get through. Others just block out all calls, SMS and notifications. Silent Sleep is a basic, free answer to this problem. I personally think an application like this is the first thing any Android phone needs.

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2. Stop Accidental Phone Calls

All it takes is one little application called Call Confirm to prevent your phone ringing people quite so easily. This is handy if you’ve got favourite people on your homepage or if you keep your phone in a bag often. All it does is pop up a “Do you really want to call? Call/Cancel” box whenever you try to make a call. Simple, yet very effective.

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3. Need To Free Up Space Regularly – Clean Cache & Data

ACCleaner is an application cache and data cleaner which allows you to remove unwanted caches and data in one click or piece by piece. This can free up lots of space in an instant by using the “Clear all cached files” button.

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4. Need To Organise Applications – App 2 SD

Froyo supports the moving of applications to your SD card, however it doesn’t do a great job of helping you to plan which applications to move. Using the Android interface, you could easily miss a large application on your phone simply because you didn’t realise it could be moved to the SD card. If you use a dedicated App2SD application, you’ll see clearly which apps can be moved and which apps you’ve already moved.

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5. Clean Up Your Contacts

When you start using Android your contacts are imported from Gmail and they could be a complete mess. Simon explains in this article how easy it is to organise and merge contacts in Gmail so that your Android contacts are exactly what you need.

6. Need To Monitor Your Space

DiskUsage is a free application which allows you to visualise how the space on your phone is being used. It will certainly let you find those oversized files you forgot about!

biggest android annoyances

7. Get Root Access (Hopefully) Without Voiding Your Warranty

Ryan may have hit upon the answer to get root access without voiding your warranty. The application SuperOneClick enables you to give root access to certain applications without having to unlock the bootloader. According to Nexus One, that won’t void your warranty. Obviously, you might want to check the case with your phone dealer before you attempt this.

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What other annoyances have you found with your Android? Did you find a great app to fix it? Let us know in the comments!

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