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Need a Mobile Web App Template? Mobile Boilerplate 1.0 is Here

Need a Mobile Web App Template? Mobile Boilerplate 1.0 is Here: "

Boilerplate logoMobile Boilerplate 1.0 has just launched, providing developers with a trusted template for building mobile Web applications. The site provides templates and documentation that can help developers create cross-platform mobile Web applications which work on modern-day smartphones, but also offer fall-back support for older BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. The project itself is not a standalone framework, but works with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Phonegap and Appcelerator.


The homepage for the project showcases two hilariously, but accurately, titled lists: 'Why It is Awesome' and 'Why It is Aweome-er.' Both detail the many features provided by this new toolkit, such as:

  • Cross-platform compatible (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian)

  • CSS class to target IE Mobile 7

  • Home screen icon (Android, iOS, Symbian)

  • Cross browser viewport optimization for Android,iOS,IE,Nokia,Blackberry, Opera

  • Optimized viewport scaling (Android, iOS, Mobile IE, Blackberry, Opera)

  • Option to enable iOS start-screen in full screen mode

  • Better font rendering on IE Mobile

  • Adaptable markup and CSS skeleton

  • CSS stylesheet for low-end devices

  • Mobile sitemap

  • Mobile MIME type support

  • Build tool for mobile

  • Integrates well with PhoneGap and Appcelerator

And then, the 'awesome-er' features like:

  • HTML5 offline caching for smartphones

  • Hide URL bar to maximize screen area

  • Button clicks that don't wait for the default 300ms delayed click event

  • Textarea autogrow

  • Hide Safari browser chrome

  • Mobile bookmark bubble

  • Browser Database Wrapper API

  • Robust optional User Agent Detection in .htaccess

  • Mobile optimized default CSS

  • Media queries polyfill for Windows Mobile

  • Google Analytics for low end mobile devices

Version 1.0 of the toolkit offers two different downloads - the documented version with hints and links and the comment-free version. The project is also available on github here.

Mobile Boilerplate

Not a Framework & Not a "Build Once, Deploy to 1000+ Devices" Solution

To be clear, the Mobile Boilerplate is not meant to be a 'build once, deploy everywhere' solution, but instead offers a set of best front-end (markup, CSS) practices for mobile Web developers to utilize in order to leverage the features of high-end smartphones like those running Android or the iPhone, for example, while still providing some basic support for older Web browsers.

Interested developers can learn more by visiting http://html5boilerplate.com/mobile/.

And for more inspiration, there's a thread on Quora listing several good examples of HTML5 mobile websites here.



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