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Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [Video/Infographic]

Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [Video/Infographic]: "

The Linux Foundation is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Linux operating system. Check out this video and timeline to see some of the major milestones in Linux history.

Linux first made an appearance in 1991 as the hobby project of Linus Torvald and, rather slowly at first, began to creep across the globe. Twenty years later Linux is a popular desktop operating system, the back bone of hundreds of thousands of servers, embedded in cellphones and game consoles, and the brains of the 10 fastest super computers in the world.

Visit the Linux Foundation at the link below for a higher resolution timeline image as well as additional information about the 20th anniversary celebration.

Linux Foundation 20th Anniversary Celebration [via Mashable]

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