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Google Books Downloader Downloads Google Books to PDF and JPG

Google Books Downloader Downloads Google Books to PDF and JPG: "

If you’re looking for a way to download and format shift books and magazines found in Google Books, Google Books Downloader can help.

Google Books Downloader takes what you can see in Google Books and downloads it either as a PDF file or as a series of JPGs. The key to using Google Books Downloader successfully is to understand that it can only download what you can see sitting at your computer. It isn’t tapping into some secret back-end resource at Google to siphon books down; it is simply converting the pages you see that are “stuck” in Google Books into a format you can use elsewhere.

As such you can download the entire book if it is marked “Full Preview”, part of the book if it is marked “Preview” (useful if you’re trying to save pages for a research project and don’t need the whole book), and none of the book if it is only “Snippet View”. The process works on anything you can find in Google Books including magazines.

Google Books Downloader is free, Windows only.

Google Books Downloader [via Addictive Tips]

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