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Play Doom in Your Web Browser

Play Doom in Your Web Browser: "

Take it back to your FPS roots and enjoy a round or two of the classic shooter Doom right in your web browser.

Doom has been ported to dozens of computer platforms, game consoles, mobile platforms, and now, finally, to the web. By leveraging the power of Emscrpten (and LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler) Asakai, a developer in the Mozilla Developer Network, has ported Doom into a java-based environment. You can enjoy the classic shooter right in your browser, no additional downloads or plugins necessary.

We were able to play it without any problems using a current Firefox build but found it choppy using a current Chrome build. Sound off in the comments to share which browsers/browser releases you’re having luck with to help your fellow readers get their Doom-shooting-joy on faster.

Doom on the Web [Mozilla Developer Network]

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