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50 Stunning And Useful Premium Photoshop Actions

50 Stunning And Useful Premium Photoshop Actions:

Trying to lighten your workload and learning new ways to do things faster is important for every skilled and clever designer. One of the most gratifying and neat, yet often underrated, Photoshop features is actions. Actions are premade sets of commands that allow you to achieve almost any desired effect within seconds. Actions are extremely handy if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your project or you’re a beginner and unfamiliar with some advanced techniques. Another cool thing is that everyone is welcome to create their own actions. Thus, you can share yours with the whole world and even earn some money. Where can you find the most useful and creative actions? Well, just like with other Photoshop related things, my answer is GraphicRiver. This article presents 50 stunning and useful premium Photoshop actions from GraphicRiver to ease your workflow.

Pretty cool, huh? But once you feel you’re past that beginner level you can start using actions a bit differently. Most of the actions come with editable layers so you don’t need to limit yourself with just the effects the author’s provided. You can edit the layers, change adjustments and delete the parts you don’t need. It’s really useful when, for example, you need to retouch some photos but don’t have the time for it. You can easily apply some of your favourite actions and do some minor tweaks. Actions are also great source of inspiration and a way to learn new techniques. Some of the actions around the web are absolutely fantastic and you can learn a lot from them. Once you’ve broken down couple of them you can start to build your own ones. Who knows, maybe one day yours will be featured in an article like this.

1. Dimensions – 3D Generator Action ($5)


The Photoshop Action ‘Dimensions’, helps you to generate whatever you want (text, image, shape, etc,) in 3D.

2. 3D Map Generator ($6)


3D Map Generator allows you to create your own 3D maps with only one click. Every shape is possible and delivers a professional result. Ideal for web graphics, infographics or presentations.

3. 22 Vintage Letterpress Photoshop Actions ($6)


These 22 actions make it simple to create that vintage wood type letterpress look. Simply select the layer and hit play. Complete with 11 different textures and 2 sizes of each. Great for print or web. Works on all layer types (text, vector & raster).

4. 3D That! ($6)


With just one click on the button you can easily turn any shape/layer/text or whatever you like into a 3D image with high-resolution. To put it simply – just 3D that!

5. 3D Box Generator ($6)


Design your boxes on flat templates, run the script and in just a few minutes, you’re 3D box is up and ready! It not only generates 3D boxes in high res 3000×3000 PNGs, it generates a PSD as well for further modifications even after the box had been generated

6. PROActions Bundle – Film & Special Effects ($8)


These actions are not simple, filter-playing actions. The steps they take have been studied and thoroughly tested, making these actions true image enhancers. The results of these actions are realistic re-creations of traditional effects, without any gimmicks.

7. 100 Photo Styles ($8)


A set of 100 photo styles to quickly enhance your images. They range from simple enhancements through to lomo effects.

8. Reflection Action ($4)


An action that creates an awesome reflection for any design.

9. Book Mockup Generator ($6)


Generate your book and e-book mockups/cover with ease and speed with the Book Mockup Generator. It generates quality mockup images of 3000×3000px 300dpi resolution with just one click.

10. Cinematic Photo Effects ($5)


These Photoshop actions will add impact to your photos, by punching colors and contrasts as seen in some blockbuster movies.

11. 50 Photo Effects – Curl & Shadows ($5)


50 Photo Effects – Curl & Shadows is a package of 50 actions. Creates curl and shadows for photos or any image.

12. Image Flow 3 ($5)


Showcase your work like the pros with this Photoshop Image Flow action. Simply place your work on separate layers and click play action.

13. Photograph to Sketch Art ($5)


This action not only creates a sketchy hand drawn effect on your photos, it also creates the paper texture needed for the effect itself! All you need is a picture! Included in the download package is a link to an 8 minute video tutorial, which quickly and easily goes through the action, so you know how to get the most out of it, and how to get the coolest looking results.

14. Stitch it ($6)


Stitch it is a set of tools that can be used to create realistic badges from any vector logo, with just a few clicks.

15. Magazine ($5)


Photoshop action to create a magazine cover in few seconds.

16. Stitched Stripe Actions ($4)


7 actions that will turn any type of layer into a stitched badge with stripes.

17. Nature Action Set ($6)


This action set is specially created to enhance nature photography. Just press play and enjoy.

18. Map Creator ($6)


Create great looking maps with these 6 actions.

19. ComicBook iT ($5)


Create amazing looking comic book images with this great time-saving action, ComicBook iT comes with 4 different render styles and offers users complete control over the half-tone effect settings.

20. Drop Shadow Action ($6)


A handy action to give your images a bit of depth on the page. A great way to add a little more to your presentation, with 2 different actions that can produce a range of great results.

21. Sticker iT ($4)


Create amazing looking sticker effects with this awesome action, Sticker iT comes with 3x different render settings and allows you to give any vector shape, font or raster pixels a cool realistic sticker effect.

22. Icon Maker Pack ($6)


This ultimate collection contains three useful Photoshop add-ons wich allows you to create perfect, sharp and eye-catchy web icons with single click.

23. Rotated Monitor for Web ($6)


This is a perfect solution for displaying content in LCD monitor. There is an included “screen picture rotator ps action” for the left and right side versions. This spectacular impression can be done in 30 seconds.

24. 4 Insta-aged Photo Actions ($4)


This action allows you to simply open any image, click play on the appropriate action and your ordinary picture will transform into an old, vintage photo complete with texture, distressed edges and a realistic drop shadow.

25. 3D Frame Generator ($5)


If you’re looking for more flexibility to choose the best pieces for your design, this is exclusively created to meet your needs. 3D Frames Generator uses Photoshop 3D features to deliver a modern type of 3D web page display to boost your portfolio presentation or blog showcase. You can place your arts on 3D frames and then rotate, roll and slide them all in 3D.

26. Realistic Web Shadow Generator ($5)


This very cool action allows you to create a fantastic realistic shadow effect with just one click. Just select a layer and then click play. It works great with images, rectangular shapes, rounded corners shapes etc.

27. 3D Screenizer ($4)


3D Screenizer is Photoshop action that converts your ordinary screenshot or image into stylized photo-like image.

28. Post Processing Actions ($5)


Over 4 different complex contrast adjustments made using curves and levels, 5 sharpening techniques applied to bring every detail to life, 3 Colour boosting techniques, noise reduction implemented.

29. Virtual Magnifier ($6)


Virtual Magnifier makes a part of your screen look much bigger just like you look at it behind a magnifier. This Photoshop action and nice-looking magnifier simulate magnification effect at its best. Using this you can drag and magnify wherever on the screen.

30. HDR Action ($4)


Awesome HDR Effect on your images, please note that this is not true HDR , but it will make your single exposure images look as if it were.

31. LightFX Background Creator ($6)


This is an advanced action that processes 414 commands to produce a specific light effect image with 1 click. It works best on resolutions over 1000×1000. For use under this size its best to create it at larger resolution and crop the size you need or flatten the image and copy/paste it over to your project.

32. Pop art style ($6)


Pop Art Style action creates images in the style of Andy Warhol.

33. Blueprint Generator ($5)


The fastest way to make your own blueprint background with one single click. You just need to click play, set the canvas dimensions and it´s done.

This item also comes with 9 extra actions to make your main shape/text/raster outlined with 3 different blueprint styles.

34. Setik ($6)


Setik is a set of Photoshop Actions containing 21 Actions you could use to create stitched web elements based on any shape or path.

35. Encadrage – Picture Frames Action ($6)


Encadrage is the easy way to make picture frames.

36. 6 Lomo Actions ($5)


A set of 6 Photoshop actions + 1 vignette action. Get your digital images to look like lomography.

37. Realistic Drop Shadow ($4)


Create real drop shadow within seconds with this  Photoshop action file. You can drop the shadow in right or left direction then you can rotate, resize or free transform the shadow as you like because it will be created in a separate layer even you can add a mask or effect to the layer.

38. 11 “960 Grid Actions & PNGs” ($4)


This Grid System Photoshop action set is designed to bring ease to your grid design requirements. Just choose your color, click on one of the 11 different grid actions, and hit play. The action will then open up a new Photoshop Document and draw out the 960 grid system that you chose.

39. Chalkboard Generator ($5)


The fastest way to make your own chalkboard with one single click. You just need to click play, set the canvas dimensions, set the inner and outer frame size and it´s done.

40. 10 Pro Studio Photo Effect Actions ($4)


A set of 11 powerful action. professional quality effects. and easy retouching. These actions take 20-30 seconds to work, and follows a non destructive method.

41. Vintage Tv Actions ($4)


Create realistic vintage television effects with this kit of actions sets that make it easy. With over 100 combinations of effects, three Vintage TV Sets, and the option to double up on action usage, you may get lost in all of the possibilities. The Actions are carefully separated in steps so that you get the best quality effect.

42. 12 Retro Photo Actions ($5)


This item includes 12 Photoshop actions to enhance them and give them a retro feel. Just load your photo into Photoshop, play one of my actions and voila! The borders are included to add an extra oomph.

43. Batch Wallpaper Resizer ($4)


Resize your wallpaper in 16 different resolutions with a single click. You can choose the alignment and export them all with one click.

44. Folding Machine Mock-up Action ($4)


Create realistic creases with these 4 actions. You can also watch the video tutorial if not you’re not familiar with actions.

45. PolaColor Action ($4)


Give to your photos the vintage feel of Polaroid colors.

46. 4 Professional Photo Looks #4 ($4)


These four actions give you some instant POW to your Photos. Whether you want the old-school look with “Vintage Summer”, or a cool and cold look with “Blue Sky”, this action pack is for you. All in the simple click of a mouse button.

47. Retro 3D lines ($4)


24 actions to transform your layers into neat retro 3D objects.

48. 20 Vintage Summer Photoshop Actions ($5)


20 Vintage Summer Photoshop Actions is a pack which help you get the perfect summer color effect for your pictures. All effects are easy to modify. All effects are Smart Filters, and Fill Layers.

49. 5 Eerie Atmosphere Actions ($4)


A set of 5 Photoshop Actions to create an instant eerie atmosphere in your photos.

50. 3D Anaglyph Action Set ($4)


Great 3D Anaglyph effect to your images.

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