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Synchronize Your Computer and Google Docs Account with SyncDocs

Synchronize Your Computer and Google Docs Account with SyncDocs: "

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to bridge the gap between the files stored on your computer and those in your Google Docs account? Then you need SyncDocs. SyncDocs synchronizes the files on your computer and those in your Google Docs account effortlessly for total file management bliss.

The installation process for SyncDocs is simple. Once the basic install is done you will begin the account setup and synchronization process. You will need to enter your account login credentials and agree to the terms of service.

Here is the information regarding how your account credentials are handled by SyncDocs.

Once you have entered your login credentials SyncDocs will conduct a quick account test.

Next up will be the Preferences Section asking where you want your sync folder to be located and the name you want it to have, file types to be synced, whether you want your documents to be converted to Google Docs format or not, and Windows integration features you can have enabled if desired.

Once you click the Finish Button SyncDocs will begin the synchronization process.

Note: SyncDocs will add a start up entry to your system for automatic synchronizing goodness every time you start your computer.

This is what the Context Menu for the System Tray Icon looks like.

Followed by the Google Docs sync folder on our system.

If you selected the option to have Google Docs as your default office suite, then double clicking your documents will open them in your default browser. To see more SyncDocs goodness be sure to watch the excellent demo video included below!

System Requirements: Works on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Requires .Net Framework 3.5 or higher for regular installations and .Net Framework 3.0 for USB stick (portable) installations.

Note: At the moment SyncDocs is still in the beta testing phase. Later there will be free and paid versions of the app.

SyncDocs Homepage [via Lifehacker]

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