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Web Design Blogs

Web Design Blogs

Other web design blogs. There are many more out there so feel free to add to this list as I’m always looking to add more sites to my feed reader.

Smashing Magazine - A favourite of many designers.
Modern Life - Easy to read, lots of eyecandy, all the things I like in a design site.
KillerSites - KillerSites.com’s blog.
SmileyCat - Web Design blog by Smiley Cat
Vitamin - I particularly like the articles in their design section.
Beauty In Design - Mainly Joomla oriented with tutorials and templates.
esn studio - Web Design, wordpress, SEO and more.
Webmaster Source - Useful resources for webmasters.
Webmaster Plaza - Webmaster info including how to make money online.
Web Design from scratch - A great resource for beginners.
Problogger.net - This site is not about web design as such but is a great resource for beginner to expert bloggers. It’s one of my favourites, very detailed information about just about anything you could think of on the subject of blogging.

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