quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

Bye Bye Greenback


from Sound Money Tips - Make Money, Save Money by Michael Fitzsimmons

Michael Fitzsimmons submits:It appears the ruse is over. After an approximately 20% rally in the U.S $ INDEX [NYBOT:DX] from August 1st to mid November (which quite honestly simply baffled the author), the US dollar has dropped some 7% in the last 5 trading days alone. This is an unprecedented move in the US currency. I swear CNBC contributor Rick Santelli almost fell over while watching the currency market's response to the Fed move yesterday. That move, a decision to target rates between 0-0.25%, was in effect an admission of the Fed's desire to devalue the US dollar in an attempt to re-inflate the US economy back to life and thus fend off deflation. The US $ INDEX chart below shows the results of that decision.

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