sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2008

Can Young Kirk Really Survive the Jump from the Car? [Star Trek]


from A-Series: Canon Unveils PowerShot A720 IS and 12-megapixel A650 IS by Jesus Diaz

PopSci's Adam Weiner did some calculations to see if young Kirk could survive the car jump in the new Star Trek trailer, failing miserably. We have the real answer in our own video.
According to Adam, he would have needed to apply a force of 3,900 Newtons with his fingers to stop from falling. His calculations, however, don't take into account the friction of his body, as some of the comments in his article point out. But then again, he gave Kirk a 4m/s liftoff speed on his jump—which is quite high.
In any case, we stand by our answer: Who gives a vulcan ass about this. [PopSci]

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