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Get Detailed Information About Files With Filealyzer (Windows Only)

Get Detailed Information About Files With Filealyzer (Windows Only)

Have you ever wanted to get more information when you bring up the properties of a Windows file?

Probably not but I have and there are lots of geeks out there so I decided to share this little find with you.

Here is an easy way to pull up detailed (AND I MEAN DETAILED) properties of any file without installing anything.

Filealyzer is brought to us by the same folks who brought us SpyBot Search and Destroy. Filealyzer is another awesome tool for your admin’s arsenal. It adds a simple method to let you find out detailed information on a specific file.

Filealyzer lets us see more information then you will ever know what to do with.  Some of its properties might sound appealing to you and others might make you go “HUH? Why would I need to know that?”

Well it is actually quite easy - on your journey to becoming a proficient Windows Ninja you need to have tools like this. No, not to fool people into thinking you know what you are doing (yes this will help you with that as well!) but it gives you a plethora of information at your fingertips. Plus who knows when you will need to see the PE Header of an Executable or a full Hex Dump of a file.

I know, I know you probably don’t want to see the PE Header or the full hex dump - but how about MP3 Tags or Version information… I know, I know BOOOOORING!

So how about seeing what resources your file uses? Want to see what Bitmaps or other files that executable calls? Then this is the app for you. Let’s take a look at what it can really do.

I started by downloading the 2.9MB file and installing it. The app needed no configuration and runs right after the install.  It does not install and as soon as you run it you get a Windows Explorer open dialogue like so:

I choose a file to analyze…”AAMMY.exe” - I told you about it here a little while ago. It brings up this window with all sorts of information on our file.

There is more information in here than you will know what to do with. Most of you probably have no idea what most of these tabs even mean. But hey it adds to your geek cred to know the MD5 Hash of your latest file is or its CRC-32. Most of them, you as a end user will not have a use for, but you might be interested in checking out what resources a program uses including being able to view logo images. The version tab shows you detailed version information as seen below:

You can also find out text that is displayed throughout the application from the text preview section. I would have loved this back when it was all about the text games.

Filealyzer is a great program used as a stand alone file analyzer but it also works with Spy Bot Search and Destroy to provide a safer computing experience.

Filealyzer was a mis-spelling the first time around but the authors decided to adopt the incorrect spelling for their application.

Do you have a favorite file analyzer? Let us know in the comments!

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