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30 Year S&P Forecast To 2036 & Where's The Current Bottom?

WHEN WILL THE MARKET BOTTOM?  Following you will find Daniel Ferrera's cycle forecast of the S&P 500 for the next 30 years, out to 2036, as well as a projection of an expected rally for the next 3 weeks.  Read on for details...


In his breakthrough cycle analysis book, Wheels Within Wheels, released in 2002, financial market analyst Daniel T. Ferrera presented a 100+ year forecast for the stock market to 2108.  Here we present an excerpt from that forecast for the S&P 500 to 2036.  The blue line represents the actual market (monthly close only) up to present, and predicted the 2007 top within 1 week, also forecasting the declines we have currently seen.  (Note: Regarding these forecasts, please see disclaimer below. Model price scale does not represent exact market scale, but is a relative summation of cycle amplitudes. Though it happened to fit nicely for the last 7 years, timing is the real key!)


Here we have “zoomed” down into Ferrera’s 2002 S&P forecast and compared it (red line) vs. the actual market (blue line) up to the present.  Note that the forecast nailed the bottoms of late 2002 and early 2003 and the October 2007 top, and has provided an excellent model of market action to date!  But what’s next?


Ferrera presented his weekly “MoneyTrail” indicator in his recent forecast, General Outlook For 2008, released in January of this year.  The "MoneyTrail" indicatoraccurately forecasted this recent meltdown and is predicting a significant rally for the next three weeks. The yellow line is the S&P 500, the blue line is the forecast, which is around 70% accurate for predicting trend direction and weekly tops and bottoms. There is a pretty strong 8-week cycle that showed up in the data. Money Flow is a displaced 5-period rate of change of the Yield Gap between stocks and high grade bonds. This indicator anticipates the stock market’s general direction 5 weeks in advance and currently indicates a 3 week rally though the weeks of November 7th, 14th & 21st, which coincides with the presidential election time period. The General Outlook for 2008 was originally offered at $100, but we have now made this forecast available for free, and you can download it at the following link:


For full details about Daniel T. Ferrera’s publications, including Wheels Within Wheels, with it's market forecasts to 2108, and his articles written for Trader’s World Magazine, or to sign up for FERRERA’S EMAIL LIST, visit our website:



It’s one thing to have a general cyclic indication of market expectations, but an entirely different thing to know how to take advantage of those insights in real time.  If Mr. Ferrera’s S&P Forecast is even close to being correct, we are in a Bear Market for the next 15 years, or best case scenario, we’ll likely see a sideways trading range for that period, like we saw in the 1980’s. In this kind of market, the “buy and hold” strategy taught to most investors will be worse than useless, so people need to find a new way to make money in this highly volatile downward or sideways market. 

For the trader, these highly volatile markets offer one of the greatest opportunities in market history to generate unimagined returns.  With regular intraday swings ranging from a 200-900 points on the Dow, those who knows how to forecast and trade such swings have the daily opportunity to generate returns that would have taken decades in times past.  Such trading requires the ability to pinpoint exact turning points on a daily and even intraday level.  For this we turn to what we believe is one of the best trading courses ever made available to the general public, which will allow you to define market turns, far in advance, in any time frame from monthly charts to 1 minute charts.

Greg Shrader’s new Course, A Look At The Masters Trading Course, Level 1, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci: The Encrypted Key to the Markets, provides the tools necessary to trade markets with an accuracy only the best traders generally possess, and to take advantage of the incredible opportunity the volatility of today's markets presents.

Leading Indicators:

Problem: Most trading tools are actually trailing indicators and thus provide a result that is too late for profitable action or worse, result in a loss. The only reliable forecasting methods utilize leading indicators, giving knowledge of exactly where the market is turning in the future. In this Course, Greg Shrader presents five different leading-indicator trading tools and demonstrates how to integrate them to give several levels of confirmation, producing extraordinary returns in the markets of 100's to 1000's of percent. 

Chart Example of Time Projection Tool #1:

On the Natural Gas chart above, the first low, Point A is the initial forecasting point. Tool #1 projected the subsequent turning points labeled B-G. Using this technique, you would have known all of these turning points months to a year in advance, at the actual time of Point A. This chart demonstrates the application of only one of five tools presented in this Course. This indicator is scalable to any time frame from intraday charts to daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly charts, and by itself, allows you to exactly pinpoint turning points far into the future for any stock or commodity. And yes, the points shown are the ONLY POINTS generated by this technique.

Trading Tickets:

According to the late Market Master, W.D. Gann, "When you buy a course of instructions, look up the man who has discovered and developed it, and if he has made a success with it and made money, you can afford to buy the course and follow the rules."

When Mr. Shrader first began to grasp the principles presented in this course, he turned a $13,000 trading account into $1.2 million in a period of 6 months. We requested Mr. Shrader to provide hard evidence of his trading success. He provided us with 29 trading tickets covering a 14-month period. The 29 tickets produced aprofit of almost $2 million and returns of 2,453% on the principal investments. Here's some of the numbers:

Trading Ticket - Held for 4 Days: Principal = $11,848, Profit = $57,500 ROI: 485%.

Overall stats:

Average time period/trade: 8 Days.

Trades longer than 10 Days: 8 of 29

Trades lasting less than 3 Days: 10 of 29

Trades lasting 1 Day: 5 of 29. Profit on these 5 trades alone = $146,000.

Average ROI for all trades: 84%

Trades over 100% ROI: 6 of 29

We have provided the statistics of all of these trades, and scanned over half of the original tickets for you to view for your own confirmation on our website. For full details on this extraordinary new Trading Course, and to view Mr. Shrader's Trading Records, see the following link. In addition, purchase of this trading course includes membership in an ONLINE TRADING FORUM, monitored by the author, Greg Shrader, where customers can ask questions of the author, discuss their analysis and trading with him and other course participants.  This is an incredible resource to develop a working knowledge of the techniques taught, and to interact with a community of like-minded traders, as you conduct your research and apply it to the markets.

For full details about Greg Shrader’sA Look At The Masters Trading Course, Level 1, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci: The Encrypted Key to the Markets, including actual trading tickets, go to: 

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